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Findings From the New Zealand Numeracy Development Projects 2007.

Findings From the New Zealand Numeracy Development Projects 2007
See this compendium of results summarising the research findings from the New Zealand Numeracy Development Projects 2007. This site also includes evaluations of the Secondary Numeracy Project and Te Poutama Tau.

Figure It Out series.

Figure It Out series
The Answers and Teachers' Notes for the four new books on financial literacy are now available online from this site, as well as an ordering function for the student books. There is one book at each level.

Findings From the New Zealand Numeracy Development Projects 2006.

Findings From the New Zealand Numeracy Development Projects 2006
See this compendium of results summarising the research findings of the New Zealand Numeracy Development Project 2006. This site also includes evaluations of the Secondary Numeracy Project.

Studyit for NCEA students. Studyit – student study support for NCEA mathematics
Encourage your students to use this study support site. Students can find what they need to know, link to revision and practice material, and use moderated forums to discuss their learning with expert teachers and other students.

Digital Learning Objects.

Digital Learning Objects
Explore the large number of new resources now available in the Digital Learning Objects section of nzmaths. School registration is required to access these resources.


Explore wickED, the Ministry of Education’s student focused website for 7–12 year-old students. Check out the topics that include activities with a maths focus. Students can explore Fibonacci’s number patterns at Fantastic Fibonacci and learn about the golden spiral. wickED also contains a wide range of maths interactives (in English and te reo Māori).

Digital conversations. Digital Conversations
Digital Conversations is a free videoconference programme, which enables teachers and students to meet and speak with local and international experts across the curriculum. To join the mailing list, receive email notification of upcoming video conferences, and make suggestions for conversations between your students and a particular expert, email:

NCEA logo NCEA on TKI – Just Up
Remember to keep visiting the Just Up page for updates and additions to the collection of internally assessed NCEA resources for mathematics.

TKI Kete TKI Kete
Have you ever used "Favourites" or "Bookmarks" to store your favourite websites so you can find them again later? TKI Kete on Te Kete Ipurangi functions in the same way only better! And it's absolutely free! Using the TKI kete function, you can save different types of resources, including websites, in your own space on TKI. This way you can access your favourites from any computer with Internet access. To find out more, click on the link above.

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Spacer Pix Kia ora and welcome to the news page of the mathematics community. We value your feedback and ideas, and invite you to contact us at

We update this page regularly with information and materials relevant to the teaching and learning of mathematics. There are links to over 2500 quality-assured materials in this community. Browse the material using the buttons under the arrow on the right hand side of the page.

Note also the two curriculum items immediately below and check these regularly for updates.

The New Zealand Curriculum. The New Zealand Curriculum
Explore The New Zealand Curriculum online and link to a range of resources and support materials. The revised curriculum will become mandatory from Feb 2010. Schools are encouraged to begin working towards its implementation. Check out the new section Strategies for Getting Started, and add comments to share your expertise and experiences.

Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. Te Marautanga o Aotearoa
Te Marautanga o Aotearoa: He tauira hei kōrerorero has been released for consultation. The document was launched on 15 November 2007. Schools will receive copies of the draft document for consultation shortly. Explore the online community for Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.

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